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So you may be asking yourself now, how do I know if I
need a Love Spell?

Well, for example, you may be in a current relationship now that may lack connection and/or passion, Communication may be off and/or commitment may not be there?

If this is the case you may definitely need to seek my guidance. Relationships go through constant up and downs but that doesn’t mean that the love is gone! Negative actions, past experiences, negative influences, Fears, Doubts/insecurities etc. are the main causes of these issues. So an evaluation must be done together to go through your specific case to see if Spells will benefit you. Not every person is a candidate for spells so it is important we connect and go over your situation. And inform you that witchcraft spells are not to be taken lightly and are extremely effective and powerful. If you are able to accept these terms and completely understand only then can we work together to reach your goals.

witchcraft spells

On the other-other hand you maybe still searching for your true soul-mate? You may be in a wandering phase when it comes to finding your true love and in the past, it just never works out or it eventually fell short.. but it is never too late! Performing a soulmate spell will be able to manifest or help you to find the perfect relationship that you are seeking. So stop and end the chain of constant worry, stress, frustration, failure, and unhappiness. And know that your true happiness is waiting for you… it's just up to you to accept it!

true love spell

Moon Spells

I have completely studied and analyzed the moon and its full phases, and how affects and helps us in our day to day. The moon and its mysterious powers have an effect on our emotions, our actions, feelings, and can help with new opportunities in relationships, jobs, career, etc. if done in the specific phases and correctly it can promote amazing full-time results.

So with that being said, I have completely mastered moon spells and moon magic and with the 8 full phases of the moon, New, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter and waning crescent. I am able to perform extremely powerful and effective spells. Contact me now for your very own moon spell and watch and see the true magic!

So how I work? And what I work with?

So I work with energy, Witchcraft itself is done by energy and energy movement. Energy is everywhere around us, from the plants to the trees, to ground we walk on and just about everything else on the earth. All my life I have had a sense of livingness of things, and understood the awareness that each particle of creation is alive and filled with life force energy, filled with spirit and intelligence.

So what happens when we have too much negative energy around us? Well we tend to feel “stuck” sometimes lost or things are just not going our way. This is because your energy vibrations are not positive and moving, but in fact they are stuck and negative vibrations are flowing, causing negative results in your life.

But with the help of witchcraft and what I work with, such as roots, candles, incense, holy water etc. It will help to unblock the negative vibrations around you and open up a positive frequency, so that things can go smoothly and effortlessly the way you want them to.

At its essence witchcraft is about living consciously on Mother Earth, enjoying the highest quality of life force possible for a human, and it is the art of balancing, harmonizing and enhancing the flow of natural energies.

Choose a Spell Package

Spell Package Three

love spells

Spell package 3 is the most intense Spell casting for more intense cases and for best results. Spells will be performed seven days out of the week and five phone meetings a week are included.

$750 / Month

Spell Package Two

moon magic

Spell package 2 will have a stronger result and impact in seeing results. Spells will be performed five days out of the week and four phone meetings a week are included.

$550 / Month

Spell Package One

witchcraft spells

Spell package 1 is done by performing spells four days out of the week and three phone meetings a week are included.

$450 / Month

Meditation / Consultation

cast a love spell

Consultation includes a meditation, in order to find out if your significant other is in love with you, if spells would benefit you, and if you're case can be accepted. This is a 30 minute meditation and consultation.


How To Get Started

  • To get started we must have a consultation over the phone to talk about your case and to see what spells need to be done.

  • Any and all spells performed take a minimum of 1 to 3 months in time to complete, more intense cases may require more time, results maybe seen within the first 7–12 days.

  • Keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate for spells, make sure you are ready for making a change and understand the rules behind witchcraft and working with me.